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Reality TV Week: World’s Worst Tenants

World's Worst Tenants Logo courtesy of SpikeTV

Time to get a little trashy.

So a property manager, a process server and a former Marine walk into an apartment. Sounds like the set up for either a joke or a reality series. When one of my coworkers brought the new show "World's Worst Tenants" to my attention a couple of weeks ago my first thought was "Wow, how trashy can you get?" and the second thought was a bit of regret that I didn't come up with the idea myself.

Regardless, I'm here to offer my thoughts on the first two episodes, which are all that have aired at the time of writing. (A third airs Tuesday evening but I'll have to have this article in the hopper by then.)

The Premise

As best I can tell, they've got two burly property managers (who call themselves "eviction specialists") and a wispy process server with at least some knowledge of the landlord-tenant laws driving around southern California in an Escalade. They visit a selection of the worst problem tenants and are shown alternately threatening, roughing up, busting and saving the lives of the more extreme examples of the rental business.

An excerpt for your viewing pleasure (or distaste) and then on to the analysis after the jump.

Full episodes are, of course, available at spike.com from the link in the first paragraph. I probably don't need to tell you this but the clips are not safe for work. (more…)