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Guest Post: Get rid of unnecessary items before you move.

Note from Kay: Today's post is from guest author Joseph Ver of Sparefoot storage search. Please be kind to Joseph, he's allowing me a much needed day off from  writing.

Do you have too many belongings? If you can say yes to any of these, you may have too many things:

-Do you find yourself yelling an assortment of expletives due to stubbed toes?
-Do you have to move piles of items off of chairs and furniture every time someone visits?
-Do you find yourself having to temporarily rearrange a few pieces of furniture just to get out of your home?
-Have you lost your pets only to find them hiding under papers or clothes in your home?
-Have you already forgotten the color of your carpet?

Although these may be a bit severe and symptoms of being disorganized, having too many things isn’t necessarily an immediate revelation. The moment I realized I had too many things was when I had to move out of my apartment recently. I found myself frustrated as I gathered loose papers scattered across various tables of my apartment, and stuffing them in recycling bins. All of those kitschy knick-knacks you bought at your thrift store will probably be heading back there upon moving. If you can, try to keep your home from having too many things. If you are like me and are about to move, here are some tips in deciding what you should get rid of and how to pack everything away when relocating in Chicago. (more…)