Weekend Links for August 11, 2012

Finding apartments as an expat is rarely simple, as this roundup of guides and personal accounts will attest.

This year has been big for working with clients who are moving to Chicago from elsewhere. I've worked with people moving from Boston, New York, DC and Los Angeles. Also in the mix have been renters from overseas. I also spent some time reading my friend's Facebook updates about her difficult apartment search as an ex-pat in Germany. So, after writing about mortgages all week it's time for me - and you guys - to take a well-earned vacation trip around the world with this installment of the Weekend Links.

Renting apartments outside the US. Of course, I cannot depart entirely from the real estate theme here, so we'll be focusing this travelogue on guides and personal accounts of renting apartments in countries other than the United States.

Eviction of the week: keeping with the theme, here's a story about a group - average age 70 - in Berlin who are taking a page out of the Occupy Movement's book and squatting in their senior center in protest of a pending eviction. The local government owns the building and has chosen to shutter it to cut costs, but the seniors aren't going down easily.

And now a special parting gift from our whirlwind tour. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to rent an apartment in a country without the United States' stringent fair housing laws, check out this account from Manu Joseph of Outlook India, who undertook an experience to find a apartment in Mumbai using the obviously Muslim pseudonym of "Mohammed Khan."