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Anatomy of a Showing: Is Same-Day OK?

The matter of booking showings with very short notice has come up several times with my clients lately, so I thought I should address it for everyone. With the recent holidays the time required for booking a showing has been longer than normal, but even in normal circumstances there is a fine balance required to get you in to view a home or apartment.

Requesting a showing with very short notice is like springing a pop quiz on the current residents.

Requesting a showing with very short notice is like springing a pop quiz on the current residents.

The Process of Booking a Showing (more…)

Rent Bacon: November AND December 2012

This is the end of Rent Bacon as we know it.

Today I'm posting the Rent Bacon data for two months: November and December 2012. It is the last time you'll see it in this format. Next month we're going to repurpose Rent Bacon in three ways.

More timely.

One of my pet peeves with the Chicago rental industry is the tendency of Realtors to leave their listings active for just a little too long. I've discussed this concern over leaving listings active for too long at length before. However, I took this matter into consideration when I started doing Rent Bacon last year. In order to make sure all of the leases for a given month are included in the stats, I've been waiting an entire extra month and therefore running 2 months behind with the data by the time it's printed here.

November Rent Bacon.

November Rent Bacon.

We aren't going to do that anymore. (more…)

Resolutions for Chicago Real Estate

So it's 2013. Funny how that happened. World didn't end, although for some of us we were wishing it might have done after the New Year's Eve parties. I'm sure some of you already have resolutions that found you duking it out over a treadmill this morning. A few more never hurt, though. Here's a few that you might want to consider if you're thinking of moving or buying property this year.

For Renters:

Try communication before confrontation. It doesn't matter if you talk with your landlord directly or with the office staff of a big property management corporation. It doesn't matter how badly things escalated last year over assorted issues with your apartment. This is a new year and time to start over. If you've had big problems, schedule a time to sit down calmly with a decision-maker for the property and review how both sides can resolve problems in an efficient and effective way. Don't go for the big guns like lawyers and unions until you've tried to talk it out first.

Seriously? Always around?

Seriously? Always around is the nicest thing on the list?

Likewise, make a point of warning your landlord if you know there are problems on the horizon. Whether it's money problems or crowds of house guests, it's better to notify ahead of time and work out a game plan than it is to sneak around and hope they don't notice.

Remember, moving is more expensive than you think. (more…)