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Chicago Apartment Hunting Bingo

For those of you looking for apartments this year, I figured a little bit of humor could help to lighten the task.

This is your apartment hunting Bingo card. Get five squares in a row, and you win! (I don't know what you win. A more enjoyable apartment search than people who aren't playing Bingo, I guess?)

If you don't like your card, hit refresh to get another one.

If you have an apartment-hunting cliche you'd like me to add, leave it in the comments.

Oh, and I should mention: many of these are bad things that occur during showings. Please don't deliberately cause them to happen just to complete your Bingo card. Thanks.

Beeping smoke detector Torn window screen "Are you familiar with the area?" Ad omits that unit is garden "Sorry, that just rented!"
Ad for your current apartment Messy cable installation job Unit under construction "Non-refundable deposit" Strange pet in terrarium
Grumpy doorman Room off limits during showing Water Included!

Showing is a mob scene Bedroom has French doors
Dirty dishes in sink Padded elevator Unit smells of pot smoke Dark stairwell Immaculately decorated apartment
Sleeping tenant Empty apartment Ikea "POANG" chair Agent says unit is haunted Empty except for cleaning supplies

Reload for a fresh card!

If you enjoy this, please share it. Let me know if you get Bingo!