Chicago Renters and Owners: A Snapshot

I’ll be off on Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday, so I thought today we’d do a chart-based photo essay. As I promised at the end of Monday’s article counting Chicago apartments, I went back into the American Housing Survey from 2009 and dug up some more results. There’s a little something for everyone in the following charts and graphs. Take home a few select morsels to argue with Uncle Bob about at the dinner table.


Click to view these full size.

Headings are: Water leaks, Bars on Windows, Rats & Mice (3 mos), Open cracks or holes in walls, Broken plaster/peeling paint, Hole in roof, Crumbling foundation, Holes in floors, Exposed Wiring, Boarded-up windows.

Click to view these full size.

Click to view these full size.

And remember, as we head into Thanksgiving day…


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