Hi folks! Please note that as of October 2014 I am no longer a licensed Realtor. I’ll leave this blog up as people seem to find it useful, but I will probably be even slower than normal to respond to comments and I will not be posting further updates.

You can find me over at my new business, RentConfident, an apartment research service for Chicago renters.

StrawStickStone is a Chicago Real Estate Blog and resource for renters, landlords and homeowners. It is owned and predominantly authored by Kay Cleaves, a 2nd generation Realtor former Realtor, with occasional articles from guest bloggers.

The site provides statistics, analysis, advice and opinions to help take the mystique and mythology out of real estate. Much like the three little pigs of the fairy tale, it’s only the most practical and well-prepared people who will find housing that lasts and does well by them in the long run.

StrawStickStone is was updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. A weekly link list runs on Saturdays. We do not accept solicitations for inclusion in the link list.

Guest Post Policy

As of January 1, 2013, guest posts on StrawStickStone are only permitted from US-Based, independent authors. I do not allow linkbacks, sponsored links or promotional content.

Don’t Track Me, Bro!

I track stats using Piwik so that I can write about stuff that’s pertinent to your interests.

If you’d rather I didn’t track you, you can opt out.

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